The SCION Association defines and maintains SCION specifications and collaborates with external standardisation organisations for the standardisation of SCION.


The Association contributes with SCION to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Some of the active Internet Drafts are:

TC Standardisation

The Technical Committee (TC) Standardisation of the SCION Association overlooks the evolution of the SCION protocol and manages the overall direction of the SCION specifications. For more information, see the Charter of the Technical Committee Standardisation

TC members

Kevin Meynell

SCION Association

Nicola Rustignoli

SCION Association

Fritz Steinmann

SIX Group

William Boye

Swiss National Bank

Samuel Hitz

Anapaya Systems

Sergio Gonzalez Monroy

Anapaya Systems

Juan A. García-Pardo

ETH Zürich

Mikael Holmberg

Extreme Networks

Simon Leinen


Roger Lapuh

Extreme Networks