19.03.2024, Lucerne - We are pleased to announce that AXPO Systems has joined the SCION Association as its newest member.

Specializing in Operational Technology (OT) solutions within the AXPO Group and in the third party market, AXPO Systems builds and operates secure and reliable communication networks.

The partnership with the Association marks AXPO Systems’commitment to positioning SCION as the go-to solution for secure communication across mission critical infrastructures. Membership will provide AXPO Systems with the opportunity to leverage the SCION branding in its market activities. To learn more about this, AXPO Systems will be present at the SPIK 2024 event hosted by Swiss Police ICT on March 27th; for more information, click here.

Manuel Dietrich, CTO of AXPO Systems, states, “SCION is an innovative Swiss technology developed at the renowned ETH Zürich. It enables secure and reliable network communication. We look forward to working with the SCION Association to establish SCION as a leading technology for critical infrastructure operators.”

Nicola Rustignoli, co-CEO SCION Association says “We are pleased to have AXPO Systems joining the SCION Association. We believe the SCION technology provides concrete benefits in critical infrastructure ecosystems. The power industry depends on reliable exchange of data across many stakeholders, making SCION a great fit. We are looking forward to our collaboration.”


In 2017, the Data Network Services division of Axpo Power AG and its long-standing partner WZ-Systems AG merged to form what is now Axpo Systems AG. As an independent subsidiary of the Axpo Group, it is the competence center for OT solutions within the Group. Axpo Systems has extensive expertise in the areas of telecommunications, cyber security and the maintenance and operation of system solutions. Complemented by its own asset portfolio and our mindset “The nervous system of system-relevant Switzerland runs through us”, it is a system integrator for operational technology (OT) solutions and a leading partner of many system-relevant organizations in Switzerland. Axpo Systems is represented at 5 locations and with around 120 employees throughout Switzerland and has its headquarters in Lupfig.


The SCION Association, a non-profit organization established in 2022, is unlocking the full potential of SCION and making it accessible to everyone through the development of the following: