Enabling highly available, trustworthy, transparent, efficient, and affordable communication; ensuring reliable and secure transport of electronic data assets throughout global networks.


The SCION Association is a non-profit organisation facilitating the global adoption of the SCION next generation Internet to meet the growing requirements for reliability, security, performance, and compliance in the digital economy, fueled by the proliferation of and dependency on interconnected machines, devices and people.

SCION strives to stabilize digital markets and democratize secure access to the Internet around the globe, while being compliant with data privacy requirements of businesses, their customers and other stakeholders.

The Association brings innovation developed at ETH Zurich to the market, making SCION research widely available.

The Association nurtures the growth of a global SCION ecosystem, promotes open source and open standards that allow anyone to succeed, making SCION accessible to everyone. The Association defines and promotes standards so that implementations are reliable, secure, and interoperable.